What do we offer?

We offer design, professional supervision, flooring, project management, costing, consulting services, study design and legalization of all sorts of buildings.

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As part of the design service we offer: development of conceptual designs, conceptual designs, main and implementation projects for all types of objects. We have an individual approach to each client, regardless of the size and purpose of the project assignment. Our expert team will guide you through all stages of the project, from idea to realization.
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We carry out professional construction supervision for all types of structures and have a certified construction engineer with experience.
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Apportioning (dividing) condominium units

If you wish to divide your property, we will prepare a land survey for you and make an estimate through a court assessor for construction.
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bill of quantities

We offer the services of making cost estimations for quotations, cost estimations for crediting purposes and approximate rates.

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feasibility study

Designing a feasibility study of various objects for the purpose of obtaining the total cost of the object.
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If you still didn’t manage to legalize your building, contact us and we will do it for you. The company Pabo-ing performs the legalization of all types of buildings throughout Croatia.
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